Similar but Quite Different

We had Jody today until the parents did the clean up after the removal of their stuff to storage. There were no tears of sentimentality as they are so much looking forward to the new place. Exciting times I'd say.

Jody was really good and is saying a lot more words. He says them in a very particular way. He loves saying COW and sometimes just says it for the fun of it. Up until now all animals were COWS but now he is trying to differentiate. His parents came back about 5 and he was excited to tell them things. Actually they came back when Granny and Jody who was lying on top of me were having a 10 minute snooze. Jody had noticed Grandad nodding off and wanted to get in on the act.

More boxes arrived and I did wonder where it would all go but we re-arranged a few things in the garage and party room and it was no problem.

It was in the garage that I found this bunch of what looks like hay. It has been there for 2 years and remained there for a future blip. It was the stems of the Paper White Narcissus that I had 2 years ago....The indoor type....lovely smell very pretty.. I had difficulty in terms of thought knowing what to wrap the bunch in as the original wrapping consisting of more straws of had disappeared but I found an orange tie that I had been missing for ages (the ones to hold your glasses round your neck) and that is what I thought might look interesting. Mmmmmmmmm...........the thinking was that if you were totally colour blind your "perception" of the tie might be that it was a piece of straw.

I was showing Jody different colours today so it kind of ties in !!

Quite a lot of BS but one has to say something about ones thoughts and works

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