Because we can see

The sun has shone for the whole of my first free day since the eye operation. I got up in darkness, went out to watch the sunrise in the floods and spent two hours wading, walking and marvelling at the bright new world. I have much better pictures than this - the early sun on the colleges reflected in the lake that Christ Church Meadow has become was wonderful - but with his wet trainers and rolled-up trousers I knew that this photographer, like me, would do anything, anything to be out in the light, and that was what mattered.

My brain isn’t taking in much information from the new eye yet because my glasses prescription is so wrong for the implanted lens but there is no longer a yellow waterfall keeping the light out and the four competing points of focus are now one. Walking back home I took my glasses off and the new eye could see so much, so sharply, so brightly I burst into tears at the joy of it.

I went out into the light and the water again from midday to sunset. My feet are weary but it has been a beauteous day.

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