By Bob20

Mist over Ashford in the Water and beyond, Derbysh

A beautiful misty and foggy morning. I missed it! Largely because we had to spend all day emptying and reorganizing our watermill. Next week, we are having a 3D survey of it carried out. This will measure every aspect of its surface inside and out and enable computer modeling of it. Anything in the mill against a wall or window will be part of the survey, so I’ve had to shift tons of stuff around.

Anyway, at about 4pm, I noticed the sky rpidly changing. I grabbed the camera and drove half a mile up the hill. I was too late. But I did capture this image just as the light was disappearing.

I think I will be up early to have another go!

Many thanks for your comments on yesterday’s tree. I am being a bad blipper at the moment, I just cannot reply to you all individually. I will try.

This shot is well worth a look LARGE.

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