At home: Is that a cat behind me?

I think cleaning is something that amuses cats.

Tiger had watched with fascination as I performed the once a month turf out of Ella's room. I have no idea how Ella actually makes it onto her bed. She must, at least once stand on the sharp end of dolls hairbrush, an empty nail polish bottle or an piece of abandoned boys lego. She must, I figure walk out of the room with a tattoo wrapper or a sticky note with "I hate brothers" or "Get Out" stuck to her foot.

Either way, today I have done both. Apart from more painfully knelt on the lego. The pain I think is worse than in your foot, because you can leap around quickly. Kneeling on lego requires a press back onto it before rising away from it.

Tiger sat on Ella's bed the whole time, smiling. Possibly laughing. I cant tell the difference. What I do know is that cats by design are tidy. So this mess to them must be laughable.

Ella returns to a tidy room. Tiger as if in cahoots with her, lays on her back. I wonder if these two are running rings around me.....x

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