our first meal

Our first meal from the new kitchen! Steven is washing potatoes in the sink -it's hard to believe we are actually using it now. I worked on the refrigerator "switch-a-roo" -got the food out of the old one, into our coolers temporarily, then into the new fridge after it arrived and was set up. The old fridge is now in our garage for extra storage (yay!) and the new one is much more recessed and a better fit. We both love it!

Steven figured out how to work both the smaller microwave/convection oven for the potatoes and the larger convection oven for the salmon. We brought the steamer up and out of our garage kitchen for the asparagus, you can see it there next to the dish drainer which was also rescued from the utility sink in the garage where it's been for almost 2 months. wow.

It is quite an amazing change. Oh, the new dishwasher would not fire up so either a technician or a new dishwasher will be coming tomorrow. We hardly had any hitches with this project, so this is not bothering me at all. The granite was not the exact pieces we picked out but it didn't matter, what we have is very close and quite awesome!!

A few more finishing touch ups by our contractor Fred tomorrow and then I guess we can set the living area up again. There is nothing in the kitchen cuboards yet except some new pots & pans we had to get for the induction-type stove. We unpacked them the other day. Steve & I will work on moving out of the temporary kitchen and into our beautiful new cupboards tomorrow. I love the way he's looking at me as he discovers I'm taking his photo!

I'm really very tired and apologize for my lack of visits to your journals, just could not get there today. I will get around to visiting with you & catching up soon. I appreciate all your kind comments about my art class with Bill yesterday -thanks so much!!

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