At Ross: uprights and horizontals.....

I have been watching in awe at the girls snowboarding at the winter olympics. How they stay upright on the side of a mountain with both their feet strapped together is beyond me.

The mens downhill skiing was just as nerve wrecking. The slope almost vertical in places. The skiers legs, muscles bulging, fighting against the steep turns. This evening, I briefly caught the ski jump. The men flying thorough the sky almost horizontal to their own skis. The effort and skill is almost super human. I wonder how many years of training has gone into this moment. For the ones who crash on the slopes, their rag doll bodies thrown about the slopes in hideous snowy diagonals.

The boys had chatted in detail about how to become an olympian on the walk down to their swimming lessons. I guess the training starts early. Can you imagine working all your life for this moment? All those bruises and breaks on snowy mountains. All the training. The boys waited for their swimming lessons. Beau continued to ask. I think he has designs on becoming a snowboarder.

If all this rain turns to snow, he can begin his training. Just like last year, standing on his sledge and holding his string. Seems like a good start Beau.....x

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