By annemckay568

Primary School

Recently, I was delighted when an old friend posted this picture on Facebook.
Around 1975 St Laurences School Choir made a record and it was so lovely to see all those we were in school with.
My brother and I were in the choir....maybe interesting for you to try to pick me out?
Miss Trimble was our conductor.
Funnily enough, my mother and sister met her recently and said that she hadn't changed a bit. I always remember her being tall will the most perfect blonde her..... always wearing very fresh, bright, pink lipstick.
I still remember being positioned for this photogragh......and most of the names of those in the choir. I'm still in touch with a number of them, but wonder where others are living now. Sadly, a few aren't living anymore.
My favourite teacher was called Mrs KilGallon...I think that's how she spelled her name....She was an inspiration....taught my class P6 and P7.

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