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El Badi Palace

A great day today.

A visit to the Saadian Tombs whilst we gathered our bearings, and tried to understand the layout of Marrakech. If only we knew that it was going to be a physical impossibility ..... These tombs are where the Saadian Dynasty (1554-1669) buried their dead. Not a very long dynasty, but my friend Gary reckons it's better to have a little one, than not to have one at all. Seemingly they were boarded up and not re-discovered until 1917 which sounds pretty crazy.

Then onto the El Badi Palace which dated from the same time. Totally loved this, and can see why they nicknamed it "the Incomparable". A very impressive palace, and a wonderful visit.

Todays picture could have been one from over 300, and I might still change it. I like the storks and their nests on the chimneys at the Palace with the moon in the background

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