Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Fownhope: As far as the eye can see.....x

Its amazing how the water has settled into its new landscape. Its moving in. Making itself at home. Like an unruly house guest, its spreading itself about. The curvy conformity of the river banks are long gone.

It cares not for the damage it leaves in its wake. Its moved in on gardens, creeping under doorways, sneaking around sandbags.

Its refilling, reclaiming ancient springs. Perhaps, taking the land back from civilisation. The ground down to the new lake side is bubbling and hissing. Bursting and filled, ready to burst. An underground lake. It makes you feel like your the unwanted guest. The children play at the new lakeside. The skeleton of a swan floats past. A lady stops to explain that the bird hit a power line. Sam thinks its all very eerie and strange.

It is, a little......x

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