By avilover

Poecile rufescens

#39 - BlipBigYear 2014

When you live on the third story of an old-timey mansion, albeit with a view of riparian wilderness, birdwatching from one's bedroom can be challenging. So, why not invite the birds to come to you? I received this suet feeder as a gift last month so I went out and bought a suction cup apparatus to affix it to my window. It took them a few days to figure it out but now I have loyal patrons stopping by every morning: Chestnut-Backed Chickadees. This species is restricted to the Pacific coast (with a range extending to the interior along the Canadian border), yet from growing up in California I never knew them to not be present. It's certainly the most colorful chickadee species in North America, and a bird for which I'm quite fond. I'm very happy to have come across a new way to enjoy their company.

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