Inside 'G' Block

I took the bull by the horns today and went into NMIT to find out where and when my course would start as I hadn't heard anything. I was directed to 'G' Block, where the Arts & Media courses are delivered. There I wandered around until I found some Tutors' offices, and made enquiries. Eventually, I was introduced to the woman who will be my course tutor in the Atrium, with a delicious-looking salad on a plate. It seems that the "Grab One People", as we seem to be known, may not all have been contacted and thus many of us will be starting a week late - in my case, on Tuesday next. Evidently my three-minute conversation with C. over her lunch was my "interview"!

How exciting! The building is fantastic - and so full of interesting-looking studios and workshops! I can't wait for Tuesday now. Apparently I will be starting with oil painting - hmmmm, not what I had expected and probably challenging but hopefully fun as well. G block was opened in 2010, so it's very new. Here's some of what the architect's website says about it:

'Set in a region of New Zealand renowned for being an arts incubator, this is the built intersection of the Nelson region’s physical and philosophical requirement for a provincial arts teaching environment, and the New Zealand Government’s objective for a landmark timber structure to educate and stimulate structural timber use.

The project was the subject of a Government sponsored national design competition to realise a building whose structural form showcases timber construction and encourages the future use of timber in constructing multi-level buildings.

The building comprises a three level art teaching block and single storey media and workshop facilities, each connected in three dimensions by a full height north facing atrium. Conceived as an arts-focused precinct with an east-west zoned layering of space, function and movement, the building integrates pathways at the campus edge and reconnects artistic disciplines to encourage campus and community collaboration.'

I've just come back from a pleasant dinner with Patrick and Collette. They are staying at the Rutherford in town and we dined in the Japanese restaurant. Immy and I are off to Wellington tomorrow.

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