By nummelin

Gamer Girls

Returning home after the weekend, I had a neat little box from United Kingdom waiting for me. No, not these girls, but a Fuji X-M1 sent to me by the wonderful folks at Blipfoto. The camera is rock solid, but it didn't come equipped with a USB cable and its wifi connection doesn't work with Linux...I installed the software on my girlfriend's laptop, only to notice that using the "Fuji PC AutoSave" is arduous and hardly easier or faster than just bothering myself to the shops and buying a damn cable. Such a shame the software seems to be years behind the camera itself, which is really lovely and has a great feel to its buttons and dials!

I'll cut the whining here, and will just say again how thankful I am for getting it, and that you'll be surely seeing more pictures taken with it here.

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