In My Grandmother's Workbox #1

in my grandmother's workbox
many things lurk, colourful
full of history

© Things Beautiful

Another very wet day, after such a beautiful day yesterday, so time to find something inside to blip, on a low blip mojo day...

My house is still upside down from the flooding threat a few weeks ago, but I got out my Grandmother's workbox and this mouse was in there amongst other things.

It took ages to get the right shot, even with tripod and lighting on both sides. I think its just because its been so dark today too.

Holiday day 2, church followed by slonking all day :)

Doubtful I will go to London tomorrow now! My arthritis is bad today (especially in my knees), I think due to the weather unfortunately... That combined with the knowledge that there is a big celebration of Nelson Mandela's life at Westminster Abbey tomorrow (apparently on BBC2), makes me think it will not be the best day to go there.

I may attempt it later in the week instead!

Happy Sunday folks :)

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