Scottish Independence?

Erroneously we thought it was going to be wet today. Well actually it was, but only early morning and evening, the day itself turned out to be quite pleasant. I had programmed to go to the Art Gallery to see the Great Tapestry of Scotland, it is the world's longest tapestry, 143 metres long, roughly double the length of the Bayeux Tapestry. It is comprised of 160 panels depicting the history of Scotland from 8500 BC to the present day.

It would take a long time see the entire tapestry and to do it justice, and it was really more than we could manage in one visit, a further wet day will be called for. I have presented a collage here representing Scotland's struggles for independence from a rather over bearing Southern neighbour. Though I admit the panel on the bottom right does not really fit that description as Prince Charles was merely using Scotland as a base for his bid to reclaim the throne of the whole of the UK. I suppose Flodden doesn't really fit the description either. Maybe I will get it right next time!

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