By HeatherStanley

Ban newspapers

Seen a lot of people disappearing off social media for lent which starts today. I think if anything is really causing a problem in our lives we should address it and going cold turkey works for some people on some problems.

But if it is giving it up for the sake of giving it up I think that's a bit daft. I also think cold turkeying anything doesn't usually help anyone make substantial, sustainable changes. And actually, it hurts a bit to see people saying - I'm stopping wasting my time on facebook for a while, when it plays a large part in our relationship. And no, I don't think that's a problem in and of itself because it is a tool like any other.

These two folks spent their lunchtime not talking to each other because they were nose deep in newspapers. And that's fine, companionable silence is am amazing thing. But we don't blame newspapers for the downfall of community like we do social media tools. We need to use them wisely, but the tools aren't inherently bad.

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