Sun Goes Down On One Hundred Thousand (S)Miles

Beautifully misty, warm and calm day. I took Mother for a walk around Tillingham in her wheelchair and she loved it. The village gardens look gorgeous. We saw a Devil's coach horse going for a walk in the sunshine and I wished I had my macro lens with me to capture it.

Back at the care home I showed and discussed some of my wildlife pics with the residents. It is wonderful to see how animated some very withdrawn people become when talking about the birds and the bees.

After an afternoon dealing with Mother's admin with my sister I headed home, keeping a close eye on my odometer. I left the main road at Ongar and a hundred thousand miles came up on a tiny country road in the Lavers as the sun was setting.

I bought my Honda S2000 when it had 12,000 miles on the clock and it always makes me smile. :)

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