Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Hubs and I made a very quick trip into NYC this morning with the intention of going to Mecca (B & H Photo) only to discover that they are closed today for Purim. So, we drove over to 5th to the 42nd Street Photo store (which isn't on 42nd Street...). I was able to get a camera bag for my upcoming Blip-trip which will allow me to carry about 400 pounds of camera gear...well, at least the D600, Big Daddy and a couple of other lenses, filters, etc. And, Hubs insisted on buying it for me!

It was bitter cold so we didn't spend a lot of time wandering, preferring to save that for a day where we don't have to risk frostbite. I snapped a few quick pics as we walked, using the Nifty Fifty lens I bought a couple of months ago. It's a sweet little bit of glass and I think it will be ideal for future photog trips into the city.

There are so many iconic things in NYC, but for me, high on the list are the the hot dog/pretzel carts. They are riotously colored and serve the time-honored (and terrifying) "dirty-water dogs" for which all NYers know to stay away from, but which tourists seem to gobble up. Just as I snapped off a quick round of shots, the vendor looked directly into the camera lens, catching me in the act. I liked the shot, and decided that converting it to mono might make it more interesting. For comparison, I posted the original image HERE on Flickr - which do you like better?

My other favorite shot today is this one of one of NYC's homeless. In some ways, it suited my mood right now in that it is sad. But, I need to pull myself out of the grip of sadness so I went with the vendor instead. Took two other motion blur shots (you know how I love doing those) and have posted them both starting HERE.

Didn't sleep well again last night, so contemplating a nap this afternoon. It's really too cold to do much outside and the idea of snuggling under a down comforter for an hour or so seems very appealing...

I'll check in later, good people...


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