First of all thank you so much for your kind comments on yesterday's Blip, you are all so lovely. I'll convey your wishes to my friend.

Today I went to see The Monuments Men with my neighbour and her friend. An amazing cinema complex seemingly in the middle of nowhere on an industry terrain and initially we were the only ones watching this film (later two other arrived). A very interesting film, makes me want to go to Ghent and Brugues again to see the panels and the statue featuring in the film :-)

Before going to the film I sat in front of my computer and did have my camera at the ready. For the past weeks a robin comes to get some food from the basket in front of the window, but it's always so fast in and out that the only way to catch it is to have the camera at the ready in my left hand and already set on focus and everything. I've never been quick enough until this morning :-) It's certainly not a perfect shot, but I'm proud I've snapped it !

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