A time for everything

By turnx3

St. Peter in Chains Cathedral

This morning I was at church, then went swimming at the "Y". This evening I had three places where I either should have been or would have liked to be! Strictly speaking, I should have been at rehearsal for Jubilant Singers, but we have season tickets for the concert series at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral in downtown Cincinnati, so that's where we actually were. However, there was also a concert at our own church by a woodwind group, which I would also have liked to be at! I will probably be able to hear them another time though, as they are just a local group, whereas the concert at St. Peter in Chains was the Vienna Boys Choir - not a chance you have every day. They were really good, though not outstanding. They were best on the a capella songs. The main problem I felt was the conductor, who was also the pianist, and was rather a flamboyant fellow and tended to play too loud, half drowning the choir. It made me think of my Mum, as she was a pianist and did a lot of accompanying, and was always very conscious of being the right dynamic in relation to the choir/soloist/ instrumentalist she was accompanying.

If you're interested in reading more about the church, you can do so here, or to see the interior of the church, here.

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