By dsparks83

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I've read a newspaper most days for a long long time, I started by reading the paper left around at my mum and dads when I was younger. It was the Daily Mail so it barely counts as news.
More recently to subscribe to a print version of the Times, I used to get up every morning and head to the newsagents come rain or shine but now I read the paper via an iPad app - it's brilliantly convenient and a really well put together app. But it really misses the sharing aspect of a print edition, no one tends to read my edition except me. I often wonder how much harder all this will make getting younger people picking up papers and appreciating paying for quality journalistic content rather than just reading from free sources online.
I don't think producing an app was the wrong step - it absolutely was the right thing to do - it's just interesting to think about all the new challenges that advancing technology is bringing.

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