By SirJumala


"Don't go to bed angry", people say. And most of the time that is a good advice. But sometimes you're just too tired to talk things through. Be it physical or mental exhaustion; there's a limit for us all.
Sometimes a good night's sleep makes everything seem better. In the morning you are not as vexed. You realize that the argument isn't as earth shattering as it seemed.
But then there are times, when a mere night's sleep isn't enough. Nor is any amount of talking going to help. The times when you just need to mull things over a long period of time. To let the heat simmer down and purge it from your system.

Life is big, mistakes are grave.
Forgive and move on.
Do not cling to the things that hurt. Learn and let go. They will only hurt you more if you carry them with you.

War is over, so remember to clean your sword before you put it away.

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