knit 1 girl 1

By knit1girl1

Acid feet

On Sunday Rob was wearing his lovingly hand knitted by me socks. I then went to strangle him as he's worn both the heels out on them. He doesn't wear them often as they're his cosy house socks, but he's still managed to kill them. From now on I'll have to knit steel wire or something to stop them from breaking.
I sorted out today yarn for a very exciting project next Wednesday evening. Myself and a couple of others from Craft Town Scotland will be at an evening event at the Scottish Parliament demoing what we do. It's very exciting and hope my plan for it works out.
I also got confirmation today that I can go to New Designers degree show in London at the end of June. It's a massive opportunity and I'm excited and scared about it at the same time.
My main aim at the moment is to keep focused on a daily basis on what I'm doing and fingers crossed it will all be fine.

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