By bivbov

Dr Mopp

Dr (M)opp is Ned's favourite Camberwick Green Character. He was given this ornament for his birthday and, after losing his head twice, Dr Opp now takes centre stage on the mantelpiece. His body guards are (from L to R) : Postman Pat; Makka Pakka; 4 tractor tyres; and Gary Baldy!!

Today, I took him to a professional photographer. (Ned, not Dr Mopp!!) He had a giant cake to dive into, but he pretended to be a refined, clean living boy so he had pictures taken with bubbles, a ball, a step ladder and wooden bike instead. We brought the cake home for Zac, who inspected it closely for traces of jam - a definite 'no,no'!! He didn't seem to mind that it had been on the studio floor....

Incidentally, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, and Chigley are based on Wivelsfield Green, Plumpton, and Chailey........for all you Sussex folk :)

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