The second half of life..

By twigs

You did WHAT...!?

Very busy day at school where I dodged and weaved between classes doing half a class here, another half there, a bit of this then a bit of that all within an hour, but the over-riding feeling of the day was very positive. Still got three more presentations to do over the next couple of days but am very comfortable now knowing that what I've done seems to hit the nail on the head. Time will tell whether my approach yields the results we desire but as a starting point, I'm happy.

Yesterday I was hoping to find an email in my inbox telling me whether any of the images I'd entered into the National Exhibition had mad the grade. I received no email and resigned myself to non-acceptance. To find an email when I got home today indicating that 2 of my 4 images had been accepted was therefore a very pleasant turn of fortune indeed :)

Yes LB - you heard me correctly. Take that look of surprise off your face please!

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