By davidc

Poor old laptop - or a futuristic city?!

My old laptop packed in. I was able to get a 2nd-hand replacement motherboard for it from eBay and found instructions on the web on how to dismantle it (and to put it together again!) - isn't the internet amazing? It worked fine - but 6 months later the new board packed in as well so I'm afraid it is off to the tip now :-(

Having a go at photographing the motherboard before it goes to computer heaven was, however, too much of a temptation.

(I tried a focus stack, which worked well - but then decided it looked better with depth-of-field blur.)

My wife (my harshest critic, of course) thinks it looks like a city viewed from the air - she has already "seen" tower blocks, gas containers and a sports stadium! But she was always one to "see" all sorts of images in the clouds.

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