By RexComu1

Wheelie shiny

It's ffredsmum's MonoMonday challenge and this time the subject is metal.

Unlike my attempt at last week's wood challenge I decided to leave the house in search of something to photograph and headed into Kirkcaldy where the Links Market is being set up along the promenade. All the rides were being bolted together today in preparation for opening on Wednesday, but I found this extremely shiny hubcap on one of the many trucks that are crammed into any space available on the 'Prom'

Shiny enough and metallic enough for entry into the challenge.

Now if it had only been facing the other way I might have got some reflections of the rides rather than the houses of the poor souls that have to put up with the noise, the crowds and the smell of hamburger onions for the next week.

(Best viewed large if you can.)

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