By Woodhouse

Homage to 3 great but tragic female photographers

Diane Arbus, Francesca Woodman and the recently-discovered reclusive genius, Vivian Maier all used cameras like the one above. Arbus' vision was dark, and centered around marginalized people. She committed suicide at age 28. Francesca Woodman's was the daughter of well-known ceramist, Betty Woodman. I would call her images "metaphysical" in the philosophical sense of that word. She committed suicide at the age of 23. Vivian Maier was a reclusive nanny who lived and died alone, supported in old age by two men she cared for as children. She never showed her work to anyone -- no one even knew she was a photographer. Her work and her genius were discovered by accident after her death when a stranger bought a large lot of negatives at auction, years after her death. Of the three, she is my favorite.

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