One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye



We've got a Spire (recently cleaned, shines like hell in the sun - provided we get more sun before it gets all dirty again that is...)

And a tower block that's not owned by Google (first 5 floor occupied, and Advanced Damp Progression Studies ongoing on the remaining 11).

We have street lighting (operated on alternate days, due to cost cutting measures).

We have a pair of tall disused chimneys (barely seen peaking out on the left of Damp Liberty Hall in this uninspired shot). Well, no longer used for their primary use (releasing nasty stuff fairly high up in the air and hoping that the mainly westerly winds will swiftly carry it off towards Wales).
They are now mostly used for triangulation purposes (if you see them in front of you and the sea is to your right, you are on the safe south side, if you see them in front of you and the sea is to your left, well, you are pretty f****d...)
There were talks of requesting a preservation order as they are so much part of the Dublin heritage but Starbucks have declined to open yet another branch at the top of one (the other one would then automatically house a Costa...)


Come, you'll love it.

You will.

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