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By EveryDayMatters

Fog and Mist

Fog and Mist

It was another grey, dull and misty morning. We seem to get a lot of this fog at the moment. It may be symptomatic of our times perhaps.

Everything is really 'smoke and mirrors'. Who really knows what is going on with the Politicians and the HS2 (should be H2S perhaps) high speed network. They have just totally ignored a report that basically 'rubbishes' the idea. Will it really make a difference to knock 20 minutes off the journey time to Brum? What about making trains longer? making the platforms longer?, double decker trains? a high speed mobile broadband that works???, work zones on trains? eliminating first class and implementing higher quality seating spaces all over?? Low cost rail fares?

Politicians are just basically devoid of imagination, useless and cloned from the same social groupings, schools and universities. Ashby's law of requisite variety states that you need equal variety to be resident in a system if it is able to cope with external variation in the environment. Hence, we are failed by the elite and homogeneous political classes. This also extends to modern Corporations, the Banks and most organisations in general. It is not rocket science - although there are plenty of them causing a lot of trouble for the rest of us as well.

So, fog, smoke, obfuscation, mirrors. A problem of our troubled times.

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