Four Ages

Been taking photos all day today. For ages and ages. Hundreds and hundreds of them. But, most were of student's top secret costume creations and I'd get lynched if I leaked any of those before their unveiling at the end-of-year diploma show. And I was already in enough trouble after asking if someone wouldn't mind getting the Wee County's Provost a box to stand in for this shot. Daggers were being thrown in my general direction here. This was after a very successful and well attended show put on by students on another campus, themed on 'Four Ages' of Alloa. They're getting better and better at this each year so they are.

Ok, off to top up the tea and get on with some sorting, labelling, keywording, correcting, cropping, filtering, dodging, burning, toning, masking, spot healing, vignetting, sharpening... ... ...

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