Lachlan the Fish

With supreme synchronicity Lachlan the Fish arrived from Australia today, and a few goodies from west Cork arrived in New South Wales. If you remember, some time ago I was lusting after a fish shaped windsock once seen hanging from this bungalow , only to be told it came from Australia. Well Jensphotos offered to get one for me and here he is!! Named Lachlan for that is the third most popular boys' name in Oz as we speak - the first two were a bit ordinary I though (Jack and Jackson) and I favoured the more exotic Lachlan. There will be no other Lachlan's in west Cork of that I'm sure. He's now gently floating in the breeze, enticing the cats and amazing the birds.
Today I have been mostly clearing some of that bracken that's popped up energetically over the last week, hoiking bog grass out of paths and wrestling with yet more brambles.

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