Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit

Between Ice and Sky

I'm listening to Carolyn Hillier's Ice album constantly at the moment. The soundscape of the Arctic Circle being trudged under fur boots, with husky breath, bear claw and reindeer drums is not only stunning, it's a reminder that there are people living daily in much colder conditions than us!

Today's sun has been fiery golden despite the icy ground, and I love the contrasts that paints in the landscape. Not many flowers around just now inspiring me to blip with flower essence information so a slice of mother nature's canvas instead.

I love it when I make a cup of tea then forget I've made it and rediscover it later. It's like someone else has made it for me and then feels like a real treat. My mum used to say I was 'dippit' - a Scottish word that I love. When I started meeting healers and new age gurus they told me I was ungrounded rather than dippit. It's much the same I think - not fully present and therefore forgetful. Off to do some grounding and connecting with mother earth before tonight's meditation class. First evening class of this bright new year, wonderful!

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