Keith B

By keibr

Long Load - actually a very, very long load!

The main business of Härnösand harbour, as anyone following me regularly knows, is unloading ships carrying the various bits of wind turbines destined to be set up on the forested hilltops of this area. Previous harbour blips are here and here.
I'm fascinated by these huge wings because on the ground you can really see how big they are. Most days we drive past the harbour on our way to or from work but this was the first time I'd seen a wing on a lorry, placed so I could photograph it. To get two lorries together was a real bonus.
Until relatively recently wind turbines were a rarity in this part of the world. The forest created too much turbulence and there is forest pretty much everywhere round here. Then the technology improved and both towers and blades increased in size. As the tips of even the long blades in this image reach their lowest point they are still above the trees so that tells you how high the supporting towers are.
Is that a good thing? The real answer is "It depends..." but they definitely make for good blip motifs. My viewpoint is clear in this blip showing one of these turbines in situ.

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