Trapped by Time

By inkstainedthumb

Roses Are Red

Yesterday, one of the girls and I went out to find some photos for an exercise in the film seminar. We didn't have enough good ones so I went to find some more, then two minutes before the end of the point of the exercise, though we did get some really nice photos, like this one I took today, when I went in search of some good objects. These were few and far between because of the fact the clouds couldn't decide whether or not to pelt with rain, so the rain kept coming down in a light drizzle. I, thankfully, didn't end up wet but it just meant that the photos wouldn't turn out right.

I'm not one of those girls who are really big on flowers. I've grown up with flowers almost constantly in the house. I like them and all, but once they've been removed from their stems, they die quite quickly. I'd much rather have a plant that will flower repeatedly but because I'm traveling a lot (also in the foreseeable future) carting a large box of plants around with me is expensive, impractical and illegal to import and export into some countries.

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