I found her on the rose again. Perhaps another one.
This one I saw to my amazement grazing like a cow in a meadow. Bite, bite and even more agitated she ate.. I liked what I saw.
Six weeks ago I put my finger in her craddle and now I released her today. I was not so happy to see her free, I'll have to practice, in warm water.
A very warm day it was, a day to read, to doze off and not to move a lot.
Mischa had written almost all day at her short story, did not fancy to take a picture but just before we put our meal at the table outside, Piet Heid had casually said, there is a black butterfly sitting on the table, but she will be gone by now, I think.
Mischa and I rushed outside with her camera, saw her still on a couch and very slowly we aproached. First she flew away and kept coming back and so Mischa could take her blipfoto. Her butterfly you can see here!
Later it rained just a little bit and beautiful rainbows appeared one after another.

My haiku:

On one of the many
Roses I spot you beetle
Cause your colours betray you

And the proverb:

Counsels over cups is crazy.

1664 in R. Codrington, The Second Part of Youth's Behaviour.

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