Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

1500 blips

It is a glorious summer day for the solstice! (it's also our half anniversary!) We don’t really have a proper stone circle to watch the sun come up over, and I couldn’t quite make the sunrise anyway :-) so I thought H and I could go for a row on Lake Union and I could get a water shot for this blipday. Well we got this far and the wind kicked up so we turned back to the boathouse - but not before I got a photo looking south to the city of Seattle. Then I needed a “1500”, some aquamarine, and our grandchildren.

Still loving this visual journal, I’m very grateful for the things I’ve seen and learned and the friends I’ve made and the people who run it. You are a specially wonderful group!!

Tomorrow we are off to the island with a 34 foot rowing shell on our Volvo and 2 grandsons in the car -- will report on that adventure...

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