Yesska does the happiest 5k on the planet

Yesska and I hit the Etihad Stadium to do the Color Run- it was ace! I was nervous beforehand as my running abilities are dubious to say the least, but it was about 70% walking, 20% running and 10% pissing about. Loved it :) Also bumped into fellow blippers Beewriter and Kathymay! I was so jealous that I couldn't take my camera! Probably just as well as some people's cameras were completely covered in paint powder, not sure mine would have survived.

Couldn't get on the tram as it was rammed, so we walked back into town along the canal and went down the village for some foodage and drinks.

A quick scoot home and then off to N and J's for a BBQ in the sun. Great day, great company and sunshine to boot.

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