Happy dog

I've made a spreadsheet of all the things I need to do.

No. 1 is to get onto sorting through my wedding pics. I want to make an album as well as some sort of slideshow thingamy that I can send to people. All of this will be time consuming, so I've given myself a larger time frame for it.

I also need to get back up and running with using my flashes and doing some portraits, so the family are going to be commandeered into modelling for me. I'm sure they won't mind ... maybe.

There are other, slightly less time-heavy things on there too, so I'll probably end up getting through those this week. That's the plan, anyway. I like a project.

Mr Barking asked me last night, as Cousteau was lying in front of the fire, enjoying scratches and pats, if I thought Cousteau was happy here. I am happy here, so it kind of follows that the red boy will be enjoying me being relaxed and happy. During our scout around the farm today, he certainly looked like a happy pooch; tail up, ears out, tongue lolling.

Yes, I think Cousteau is happy here, darling. I think he is very content indeed.

Well, no time like the present to start on that list.

Night all.


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