Journey Through Time

By Sue

S. Umpqua River

This is the South Umpqua river near Myrtle Creek, Oregon. I stopped by the bridge and got this which typifies the landscapes further south in Oregon. The S. Umpqua is popular for outdoor activities and swimming.

Umpqua is the name of a Native American Indian trip (ha ha, who's tired...TRIBE) that inhabited the area.

We had quite a full day, as my aunt and I woke early to the sounds of the motel waking up as only they can. Thud, Bang, Slam. And the day begins. First off we went to see my Aunt Mabel and had a nice chat with her. Then we had a bite to eat and went north of Roseburg to the little town of Sutherlin, to visit with a lady who knew my aunt long ago. We had a lovely visit. Then we headed for home, but just past Eugene with 85 miles or so to go...the A/C went out. Oh joy. The outside temp was near 95 at times. The official high in Portland was 93. My unofficial high in the car was about 198...or so it seemed. I did the best I could to get us home ASAP. It has been a long, hot day. But, I tell you, I saw some things I wish I could have gotten a photo of. I missed a great one of a valley, hills and wonderful towering thunderclouds. I didn't take advantage of an exit and blew that opportunity. Then we saw these two gorgeous pinto horses standing out in this field, rich with golden grasses. They were so pretty. The image is locked in the head...I wish I could have gotten it with the camera.

Okay....time for bed.

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