such a fool!...


(not me, him!!...he was trying to show off...aren't we all?...)

“When everything seems to be set to show me off as intelligent, the fool I always keep hidden takes over all that I say.”
Pablo Neruda

(i shall say "nuffink"* then...not sure that would necessarily fool you though...)

Another word for 'nothing'.
Used by girls who
-wear PVC clothing,
(you should see me in PVC clothing...well i know HerbSusan would be definitely jealous...;-)
-failed english at school
-think deely-boppers ** are funny.
(what the hell are deely-boppers?...never heard this word before...should go back to the Urban Dictionary...)
People that pronounce the word like this usually have a strong irritating accent,
(i probably do!?)
hence why they lack the capability of saying the damn word properly.
Urban Dictionary

The hairbands that have the bobbly bits at the top. (ah! love them!...)


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