28 Windows

I have probably mentioned before that there is one task under the heading of ‘housework’ that I don’t mind (as opposed to the many, many tasks that I do mind!) But 28 of them and in this heat – a bit much I would say.

We love our conservatory. It was a big investment when we had it built a few years ago, but we have certainly used it. We sit in it at all times of the year and, as it has a glass roof, it’s great for watching night skies or the rainfall.

But it has 28 windows – admittedly some of them are tiny, but then some of them are door sized. Anyway they’re done and the whole place looks so much better. Fortunately, I have a wonderful window cleaner who does the outside and I don’t do the roof panes – too high for me to reach or anyone to see whether they are dirty or not – that’s what I tell myself anyway.

So here is a picture of half of the twenty eight (if you count the reflections of course). It does look at if we live in a forest - we don't! Just a bit of a jungle.

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