Back where I belong

Not quite as high as we intended but that was determined by a perishing southerly wind at the top of Foggy Peak. I probably should have added a layer or 2 before I took an unashamed selfie, not after.

And yes, that is an almost completely frozen Lake Lyndon just visible in the background.

My foot was good, just a little stabbing and complaining during the last 20 minutes of descent. I can live with that.

We'd hoped to continue along the ridge to Castle Hill Peak but with wind was strong and antarctic cold.

There isn't as much snow as you'd expect at this time of year but the avalanche risk is real. We dug a pit on the top of Foggy Peak. The snow pack wasn't flash.

We has a couple of bothy bags which we used for shelter and lunch. If you've never seen a bothy bag this is what they look like.

They come in different sizes and you shelter in them. A couple of walking poles keep them upright and you sit around the edge with the bottom of the bag under you. It features one window and one vent.

They're a close fit. We had 5 people in a 6 person bothy. Lots of laughs and limbs everywhere but we were warm :-) Unlike what it was like once we got out to pack up. It was seriously cold :-/

But a quick scamper down to a lower altitude and feeling reappeared in my hands and life was good again.

Plenty of balance and strength work to continue to do on that foot of mine but I'm definitely back in action.

Funny how I can have such a good day but miss Mum terribly at the same time.

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