Another windy day in the capital, a city where hair is worn up or kept short, the force of the wind is not to be reckoned with. Had breakfast with Daughter A and friend T at Prefab a vibrant, alive café set in Te Aro followed by a walkabout round the city. Quite liked this little gem surrounded by modern skyscrapers with its natural garden and rustic charm.

We flew home today, a little bumpy on take-off but smooth the rest of the way. It was great flying in over Sumner and Christchurch city, landing on the nor'west runway and embarking to a temperature of 22C - is this winter?!

Daughter A has been quite tired from the op and drugs, just resting when needed and taking things quietly, its great to have her home. Daughter A sends a huge 'Thank you' to you all for your thoughtful words, we're hoping for a speedy recovery.

I'll catch up with blip over the next few days, in the meantime have a great weekend everyone :)

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