Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter

Work and fresh air

I spent the morning putting the finishing touches to print-ready artwork for a job that got client sign-off on Friday and met the printer after at 2.30. A leisurely stroll across town followed, taking a strange route from Christchurch to Dawson Street and Waterstones book shop. I've been reduced to re-reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything over the past few days, and was keen to get something new to get my teeth into. It seems increasingly as if 3-for-2 offers are more the norm than the exception in book stores, since the entire front section was piled high with special offers. I'm not complaining, but I often find it difficult to find three books that I take a shine to at the same time, and I regularly end up just taking any old thing as a third choice rather than miss out on the bargain. Hopefully the three books I got today will all prove worth while.

The day stayed dry, and things were quite pleasant by evening time, so my camera insisted on going out around 7.30. Once again I went to places I haven't been in a long time, this time to Dublin Port and the South Wall. It was sunny and warm and I spent a very pleasant couple of hours strolling and snapping. I had totally forgotten that there are a couple of nice sandy beaches tucked away among the industrial dreariness of the Port area, but these are well known to a good many other people and there was quite a buzz around, with people strolling along the sea wall, walking their dogs, supervising their children's beach activities and even swimming. I stopped off near the East Link bridge on the way home and spent half an hour or s soaking up the glorious golden hues of the setting sun, which had begun to work its magic while I was on the South Wall. A super, reviving evening -- and more fresh air thanks to Blip.

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