horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

The Way You Make Me Mooooooove

That pun should come with a health warning on it...

Quick lunchtime ride down to Seafield to meet Mel in the car and find out how much it was going to cost to repair a 3 inch crack in the rear bumper. The result being a lot less than was anticipated.

Both the morning ride to work, and at lunchtime, had a strange feel to them. Everyone, and I mean everyone, seems to be in a massive rush. more so than usual. There was no-one really passing too closely, but they were closer than normal, and that combined with the higher speed than usual was... Well, the way someone put it to me was like that 'smell' of an impending storm. That's precisely what both rides have felt like.

Maybe it's because I entered the Twilight Zone this morning. I was passed close and fast by a National Express coach. So far so normal. A mile and a half on and lights ahead are turning red, so I drop anchor, and on my right, fast and close, is the National Express coach running the red. Hmmm, must have passed him stuck in traffic, I surmise. Only I checked my video later on, and the first coach I did catch up with, but he turned left up Regent Road just ahead of me, a mere 100 yards before the second National Express coach then ran the red beside me.

Naturally I caught up with him another mile and a half or so on, and noticed the 'How is my driving?' sticker on the back. Will check the video from home again and might give them a bell...

Save for them there were the usual be-suited sales reps rushing, cutting in, getting stuck, being re-passed by me, rushing, cutting in, getting stuck, repeat ad fanbeltitum, and wanker wide-boy rev-twat in his 'R' badged Civic also jumping red, having beeped another car who had the termerity to let me proceed through a narrow section first where we were all keeping pace with the bus in front.

At times I wonder why I bother, but on Tuesday I got a lift and I was >this< close to losing the plot with the traffic.

Going home should be fun - going out later for whisky should be even more so.

p.s. tempted to remove one of my Unstaged entries to use this instead. But... But... Argh, the agony!

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