a cwup of cwoffee*

It's rather chilly in Cairo just now and I'm typing this in my coat and hat. It will be a sad day for me when it's too warm to wear the hat. I don't want to think about it.

This morning saw a photo wander where I filled up my blipbank with all manner of exciting padlocks and walls which I'm sure you're all looking forward to seeing over the next week or so. (I'll try and squeeze in a sunset at some point.)

Lunchtime saw a headache inducing stint on Modern Warfare 2 at which I kicked ass at today. My Mum's bringing out a Bluetooth headset so I can shout and swear at all the little children online whilst I'm killing them. (Kidding, it'll just be dailypost that gets that treatment.)

The afternoon saw a brief parmesan cheese hunt (that the brand-new Fromagerie didn't have any and had not taken the initiative to order any more came as little surprise) for tonight's breaded chicken parmesan bake (yum) which I'm just about to head off to make before settling down for a bottle of wine and a movie or two on the sofa with the missus.

Anyone else out there think this is rather exciting?

*To be articulated in the style of Carmela Soprano.

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