rainy day circles

I popped outside when the rain was light . . . . this is our canal. I'm on our dock -view the drops/circles large. We had thunder, lightning and lots of rain in the early hours of the morning, which is typical for southwest Florida. I took a couple photos quickly with my hand over the camera! Later I simply added a bit of contrast and cross processing in green. I like it. Feeds my fascination for photographing water.

During the day it has continued to rain off and on, mostly lightly. Steve dashed off (well, at 5 mph!!) in our boat Chelsea, to do his man-cave stuff at Lucas Boatworks. I think he is considering making another larger boat, not a sailboat. One with a motor that would go fast enough to get us from here to the Manatee river to Warner's bayou and my mom's house in a reasonable amount of time. We'll see what his ponderings & discussions bring!

I'm doing a bit of home reorganization as we bought a 48" (122 cm) television screen last weekend. Up till now the screen we had was 32" (81 cm), which looks small now! This was decided because almost every evening Steve & I relax together by watching a funny show like "30 Rock" or Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedian's in Cars getting Coffee" while we have dinner and then we usually watch a movie or some other program afterwards. We do not have cable television at all but watch everything via internet streaming and Amazon Prime, Netflix or Crackle. Might sound odd to some of you, but it works for us! No commercials and lots of entertainment.

SO! The smaller screen was seeming small for the movies we watch and I suggested we get a larger one. Steve was like, wow! He liked the idea. And now of course, one change leads to another and I've moved from our den with the new screen set-up and new cabinet to hold it, which steve is putting together now, into my studio, which is a mess. I am trying to get a handle on all the papers I collage with and things I am using daily now. I finished another page today with the prompt of words.

If I am scarce at all, this is why -and I thought I had nothing to talk about today!!! xo

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