Who Am I?

I went over to Glasgow this afternoon, to the Lille gallery, where my friend Lys Hansen has an exhibition, Love+War+Paint.

For decades Lys has investigated the human body and her work is challenging.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to hear her talk about her work.
It’s rare to come across an artist so articulate .

Yet today the ability to talk about your work is essential.

I remember one of the first lectures I attended at Glasgow School of Art and the lecturer said:
“It’s no longer good enough to do the work. You’ve got to be able to talk about it.
“The day has gone when you could sit back and say’: ‘the work speaks for itself!” that is so Sixties!”

We were appalled.
But I have come to realise she was right.

And Lys, as well as being a gifted artist and teacher, is also an eloquent lecturer.

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