By sp33dway

BlipBoy Melee

It was round two of the blipcurryfest tonight, so I shared an excellent eve round at my gaff in the company of Chunk and DyrtMynci.

Several chinwagchortles were boomed and my rather splended (even if I say so myself) beefbaltilentildahlcombo went down rather well, so much so there wasn't a single non-spicified brow in sight. Great stuff.

Unfortunately half-way through the eve I had a bit of bad news about my cousin who I visited in hospital a week or so ago. Why is it that it's always the selfless, kind-hearted people that appear to be smacked with the shitty stick?

Not having any brothers or sisters of my own I kyndof grew up with a large extended family of alternative ones in the form of my cousins, to whom I am very close. Obviously as you get older you don't see them as much as you do when you're little but suffice to say I'm thinking of her lot's right now.

Hope you make it K...

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