... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mr.: Flapping After Washing

Taller (on tip-toe) in large ("L").

Mr. had an epic washing session when I visited this afternoon... I couldn't choose which of the splashing photos to blip, so have chosen this photo of him drying and uploaded a series of splashing shots (and others) to Flickr (right from here).

Pre-splashing checks: Checking each feather; Spread feathers
Splashing: Flailing wings
Preening: Checking his primaries; Pulling and bending
Splashing: Side-on [= blip alternative]
Flap-drying: "Ta-daaa - all clean!"

Mrs. preening

p.s. That is the little "odd-one-out" tufted duck in the background below Mr's right wing.

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